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    MORE+ About Us

    Founded in 1975, Quanzhou City Lizhong Foodstuff Machinery Co., Ltd. Is a specialist manufacturer of food processing equipment for the purposes of steam-digesting, sterilizing, thickening and deep-frying etc. The main products are steam-digestion mixer, thermal sterilizer, vacuum deep-fryer, vacuum thickener, and other required equipment for light industry, medical industry, chemical industry, and environmental protection industry et cetera. The company obtained as early as in 1986 its license qualification for designing and manufacturing pressure container. The enterprise has passed the authentication of ISO9001 quality system and the recent attestation of CE-PED (H mode). It has won the credit of "honoring contracts and standing by reputation" successively in the past 15 years, and has acquired the city’s "scientific and technical progress award" in three consecutive years. The com …

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